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Raw Nuts
& Seeds

There is no reason why eating healthy can't taste amazing, and Salt of the Earth is here to prove that sentiment. We soak all of our nuts and seeds in order to increase bioavailability and unlock the nutrients within; a process which makes your snack more healthy without sacrificing flavor. They are then gently dehydrated below 110°F in order to preserve their enzymes while giving them a crisp texture.



Salt of the Earth uses only the freshest ingredients made in small batches, locally sourced here in California. All of our spice blends are made in house using local ingredients and flavors inspired by the culinary melting pot that is Los Angeles.

Fresh & Locally




We create our own signature spice blends using chiles and herbs which have been dehydrated in-house, as well as spices from Los Angeles mom-and-pop spice shops. We buy in small quantity and grind batch by batch in order to ensure maximum flavor.