I’m Saying Yes

“What I felt like God had said to me was ‘hey just be faithful with what’s in your hand, and I’ll be faithful with what’s in your heart”
Joel Houston (Hillsong United)

It was May of 2019 I heard these exact words; words I didn’t know I needed to hear. Hillsong United’s album “People” had just launched (I highly recommend this album since it’s changed my life and has spoken to me in ways words cannot express). I was living in a small apartment in the borough of Williamsburg in Brooklyn at the time while completely frustrated with life’s circumstances. I felt plateaued in my career seeing no direction, my finances continued to be a thorn in my flesh, and many unanswered prayers loomed. I felt so distant from God as if I was in the wilderness running with no clear direction or His voice guiding me.

Knowing the mental and spiritual state I was in, my roommate at the time and amazing friend, recommended Relevant’s podcast interview with Joel Houston, a vocalist and song writer for Hillsong United. For the record, Hillsong United is one of the most recognized groups not just in Christian/worship music, but I’d argue pretty known in the secular world as well. While listening to the podcast that filled in the gap of my commute to work on the L and 4/5 trains, Joel talked about his journey as a Believer, Hillsong, and a time when he had a faith crisis. During that chat, the line that he said which struck me the most to this very day “What I felt like God had said to me was ‘hey just be faithful with what’s in your hand, and I’ll be faithful with what’s in your heart”. He was speaking about Hillsong United first forming and the dreams God had put on his heart prior to any of their success or songs that had been written which ultimately changed the trajectory of worship music. (I highly recommend you listen to the interview on Relevant’s podcast)

I often think the most important moments of our walk with Jesus and our calling, are the smaller ones. The smaller ones refine us and define us into the person God is calling us to be, and prepares us for the promise He lays on our hearts to pray about every day.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”- Jesus (Luke 16:10)

Often we think saying yes to our calling will look like the opening ceremonies to the Olympics with fire blazing and all neon signs reassuring that it makes sense, or Moses parting the Red Sea. How we forget that Moses didn’t see the Red Sea parted until after he said yes to God for a calling that he wasn’t qualified for on paper and didn’t make sense.

A few weeks ago, Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks church (the main campus of my current church), preached a fire word online in a message titled “Thank God I Said Yes”. He said “We have a choice to take a risk when it doesn’t make sense and say yes to God, and experience life to the fullest.”

I’m unsure as to what or how this blog will evolve. In fact, I don’t even know what or where it will lead me to. Here’s what I do know; that God is good-first and foremost, and I love writing. I’ll write about a variety of different topics: Jesus, sports (mostly footy), music, beer, coffee, traveling, wine, working out, and any of my thoughts that can be expressed, lovingly and graciously, through words. This blog is just me saying yes to God when it doesn’t make sense in the unknowns, and being faithful with what’s in my hand (what He’s given me) so He can be faithful with what’s in my heart.

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